EatLafayette Dish of the Day: Café Habana's Lecho asado

by Kari Walker

Tender, marinated pork roast with mojo sauce is a true Cuban delight.

Photo by Kari Walker

Lechon asado at Café Habana City is tender, marinated pork roast with two sides

When the idea of pork roast comes to mind, many folks in the area may immediately think of their favorite Cajun plate lunch place - but where you should be heading is down Bertrand Drive to Café Habana City.

The Lecho asado is a Cuban dish made up of a pork roast marinated with mojo sauce and a blend of sour orange, garlic, oregano and cumin. It's anything but a greasy pork roast and all flavor that doesn't come swimming in gravy. Each plate comes with two sides - try the black beans and rice and fried plantains for even more tastes of the Caribbean that parallel your usual plate lunch.

You can get the pork roast at lunch for $9.75 or $12.75 for dinner - don't forget to cool off with a refreshing mojito bursting with fresh mint, lime and Sweet Crude Rum. Mention EatLafayette and receive 10% off your purchase at Café Habana City.

Café Habana City
911 Bertrand Drive

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