Letters to the Editor


by R. Reese Fuller

In the beginning there was dogma.
Then the skeptics discovered science:
A methodology for transcending dogma
Through evidence and experiment.
The experiment in the free pursuit of happiness we call America was founded by scientific minds like Jefferson, Paine and Franklin.
To our shame,
We are now the most scientifically illiterate nation among the developed nations of the world.

Currently vying for the job as our next president are a preacher and a cult member.
We are on the slippery slope
Of the condition of mass delusion
George Orwell once warned us about:
Climate Change is a Hoax
America was founded as a Christian Nation
Intelligent Design is Science
How did this happen? What does it mean?
For our freedom?
For our future?

Keep up the Good World,
Griff Blakewood, Lafayette_