EatLafayette Dish of the Day: Coyote Blues' Shrimp and crawfish chimichangas

by Kari Walker

A crispy fried tortilla jam-packed with seafood and Mexican flavors

Coyote Blues is an original culinary treat - it's Mexican with a little Louisiana twist. Using only fresh ingredients, they handcraft Mexican food with their own unique, flavorful spin on classic dishes like chimichangas, burritos and of course, tacos.

Shrim and crawfish chimichangas

Coyote Blues makes sure your taste buds are satisfied with the shrimp and crawfish chimichangas - the dish starts with a hand-crafted flour tortilla burrito stuffed with fresh Louisiana shrimp and crawfish, a signature seafood cream sauce, Mexican rice and chili con queso. It's then fried to a golden crisp and topped with Monterey Jack cheese cream sauce and green onions.  Add your choice of two scrumptious sides, like poblano corn cheese grits, Southwestern mashed potatoes or roasted corn succotash for a hearty meal.

Los Cabos Tilapia at Coyote Blues

Another great choice is the Los Cabos Tilapia. These fresh fillets of tilapia are seasoned and grilled to perfection over their unique mesquite wood-burning grill and topped with lump crabmeat in a chipotle cream sauce.  To add even more flavor, this dish is served with poblano rice, asparagus spears, roasted corn and black bean salsa.

Coyote Blues
5741 Johnston St.

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