A Taylored Face

by Amanda Bedgood

Local artist opens River Ranch makeup studio

Taylor Wilson is really into natural beauty. Not something said often about someone as adept at transforming faces with fearless amounts of bold color and dramatic lines. The makeup artist who recently opened Taylor Your Look in O2 Face and Body Spa's new River Ranch location is an artist in every sense of the word.

Her palette - the face. Her medium - makeup. Her muse - local legend Kevyn Aucoin (Lafayette native and makeup artist to the stars). She carries the beloved and late Aucoin's entire line and books at her store. She has a passion and thoughtfulness when it comes to application that can't come from training or time - it's pure Taylor.

When it came time to sit down for an interview she suggested I get the full experience rather than simply watch her with a client. I got Taylored. It was equal parts eyeliner and therapy. Wilson is open, honest and unafraid to say it took some time to get where she is today. ADD and dyslexia often left her labeled and even demeaned in school settings, but her ability to learn hands on and her talent with a makeup brush have fueled a dream that wouldn't quit.

The single mom credits her parents and their God-centered look at life for landing her where she is, and she looks often to Aucoin for her inspiration when it comes to her craft.

"He was so passionate, and his essence and his passion live behind my brush," she says while applying colors from his signature line.

The Taylor Your Look experience starts with a chair relaxing enough for a nap and feather light brushes she wields so deftly you wonder when you finally look in the mirror if much is really going on. It is. Wilson, like Aucoin, has a way with contouring. She has a gift for enhancing bone structure and creating bold brows. She's kind of fierce and sweet at the same time.

Like many artists, Wilson's mission is about more than the piece itself. For her, it's about more than doing a great job at giving you your best face.

"It's not so much the makeup that is so important, but it's such a confidence booster," Wilson says.

Taylor Tips
Makeup bits to live by
FILL IT IN - Fill in and define brows with shadow that matches your natural color.
JUST WAIT - If you have mascara on your skin wait five minutes without touching it and it will flake off easily without smearing.
LOOSEN UP - Apply loose powder under the eyes to catch excess product and then brush away.
BRUSH UP - Invest in good brushes made for the job for better blending and easier application.
HIGH POINTS - Highlight only the T-zone of your face for a look that's instant contouring without the expertise.
TO-GO - Every gal should carry in her bag: lip gloss, neutral blush, mascara and oil-absorbing pads.