Letters to the Editor

You don't own the eagle

I’m writing this letter in response to Adam Mouton’s letter to the editor (“IndBox: Eagles Unite ,” Jan. 2). He is the regional director of Eagles Up! According to his letter his organization stands to defend the Constitution, our country, and our troops in battle. Those are noble pursuits, but I feel the views he offered are sadly misguided.

From where I stand those that aim to limit free speech and our right to challenge the leaders of our country is the real threat to our Constitution. It was Thomas Jefferson that said our country needs a revolution every 20 years just to keep our leaders in check. Our founding fathers saw the common man’s right to express his discontent as fundamental to the idea of democracy they fought so hard to establish. I see holding pens at protests now and hear people call these protesters “anti-American,” “terrorists,” and “Communists.” I watch the dream of democracy slowly being washed away today as our civil liberties are challenged on every level, and I find it disheartening.

You don’t own the eagle, Mr. Mouton. Neither does your organization. The eagle is a symbol of freedom, vigilance and strength. That is a symbol every American has the right to claim. I support your right to your views though I disagree with them. That is what America and being an American is about. There is nothing righteous or noble about calling a fellow American a Communist just because their views are different than yours.

Mr. Mouton, it seems our views may disagree on all levels. I am one of those that believe in dissent. I am one of those that support all forms of protest. I urge everyone to express their grievances, views and beliefs on all levels. I include everyone, because I support your right as much as those that agree with me. I just ask that you look for a little more of a civil tone to your views. Name calling is no way to win an argument. Fight your fight, and I’ll continue to do the same. That is what our Constitution is all about.