EatLafayette Dish of the Day: Acme Taco's Deconstructed tamale

by Kari Walker

Carnitas, polenta and a verde sauce create layers of a Latin classic

Acme Taco is anything but an ordinary Mexican restaurant as the menu is full of traditional favorites with Acme's own inventive twists - a taco is not simply a taco and a tamale is anything but a boring corn husk. The deconstructed carnitas tamale dish is a hearty serving of all the typical flavors one would expect in a tamale, but broken down in a way your taste buds can savor each flavor individually. The foundation of the dish is three crisp polenta cakes for the cornmeal taste a tamale is known for, and then a pile of shredded pork is placed on top with a generous sprinkle of Pepper Jack cheese and a drizzle of a spicy verde sauce. It all comes served with a side of creamy corn for $15. This tamale dish is large enough to share or take home for some tasty leftovers.

Photos by Kari Walker

Acme Taco's deconstructed tamale

Acme's build-your-own-taco menu boasts fun creations like the grilled corn tortilla tacos, the Southern taco stuffed with meat, cheese and pineapple and the quirky OMFG! - that's short for "Oh my fried goodness," and this taco is a deep-fried corn tortilla loaded with your choice of meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.

The salads here are tossed table side, vibrant and overflowing with veggies, but if you're looking for sheer indulgence, go for the Flaming Quattro appetizer: A four-cheese dip delivered to your table on fire to ensure all the flavors melt together.

Mention EatLafayette and you'll receive $5 off one of the monthly specials at Acme Taco.

Acme Taco
1120 Coolidge St., Suite A

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