Sculpture with style

by Amanda Bedgood

Kelly Guidry Open House

The ever innovative artist with the chainsaw is hosting an open house Saturday at his Breaux Bridge studio. Kelly Guidry will open his studio from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. this Saturday and allow fans of his work a glimpse behind the process.

Guidry has been dedicated to his art since 2001, and his work is a combination of both subtractive and constructive sculpture. He uses a chainsaw and other power tools to cut and burn wood, and welding equipment to bend and weld metal. His use of the tools is sometimes unorthodox and his techniques are constantly in a state of reinvention.

His studio is located at 108 Van Buren, Breaux Bridge downtown on the street behind Cafe des Amis. Check out his work on his facebook page.