Award worthy design

by Amanda Bedgood

Louisiana designer commissioned for NYC Awards gift

The honorees at the Soledad O'Brien Starfish Foundation gala will get a taste of Louisiana design tonight when they are each awarded a special piece from the mind of Mignon Faget. The New Orleans based jewelry designer was commissioned to create a necklace for the event aimed to help hardworking young women succeed.

Faget was inspired by the starfish store that guides Soledad's cause.

Countless starfish have washed ashore on a beach and are dying off. A little boy is picking up starfish on the beach and tossing them back into the ocean in hopes they will survive. A man walks by and asks him why he is doing something so futile.

"There are hundreds," he points out, "What difference will it make?"

The boy then picks up a starfish, throws it into the sea and says, "It will make a difference to that one."

The design includes a sterling silver pendant with a blue sapphire strung on a silk ribbon. A similar design can be purchased at Mignon Faget stores including the Parc Lafayette location locally.