Party Girl

Party Girl 01.30.2008

Aileen Bennett and Sean Ryder

Greg Daigle

Imagine having the perfect accessory — a Vivian Alexander purse — and the most beautiful furs to accent any occasion. On Monday, Jan. 21, Party Girl attended the Carnival Runway Show at Le Maison de Belle featuring custom furs from Raffaele’s, stunning designer dresses from Dolci Modi and exquisite one-of-a-kind Vivian Alexander purses. Charming emcees Alexander Caldwell and Raffaele Raimondi described their collections on each runway model, but I kept getting distracted by the amazement of seeing the latest must-haves! Words do no justice — you have to see these beauties to believe it. The “Lady Luck” evening purse is my personal favorite, so hands off! The guest list included Jesse Auerback, Bobbi Mendery, Maragaret McMillan, Betty Stevens, Anne Breaux, Mary Ann Lavergne, Judy Dunn, Linda Alesi, Delores DeRouen, Tonya Owen and Susan Fontenot. I was too busy admiring the dresses and purses on the models to mingle with everyone, but I did have a chance to speak with Bobby J. Bergeron Jr. with An Artisan’s Touch. Bobby told me how busy he was this past Christmas season, and this year’s looking great for him too. He was responsible for the beautiful decorations at Le Maison de Belle — I know who I’ll be calling for tips on decorating. If you’re in the Maurice area, stop by the Vivian Alexander museum and be sure not to miss the fine silver Heirloom Ornaments and Couture enameled silver evening clutches, the jewelry boxes and business card holders. I must also congratulate lovely ladies Kay Ouzts and Laurie Grayson, who did a fabulous job coordinating the runway show. You gals were marvelous! The 705’s slogan makes great sense: “theWork. theFun. the705.” Speaking of fun, on New Year’s Eve, the 705 invited all of its members and their guests including Party Girl to bring in the New Year at Jefferson Street Pub. The place was packed and filled with plenty of friends before the hour struck midnight. Champagne flowed freely with this crowd, and gorgeous guests included Katie Ferguson and Terri Broussard — hence the photo op for Party Girl. I don’t blame them for partying like rock stars — like I said, it was an awesome party! Party On! — PG

Katie Ferguson, Patricia Parks, Amy Chauvin, Terri Broussard, and Monica Laverne

Alexander Caldwell, Vivian Tullos, Laurie Grayson and Raffaele Raimondi

Alexis Larocca and Skylar Comeaux wearing Dolci Modi

Gail Billeaud and Amber Procell

Janice Mosing and Dorothy Fullen

Loice Duhon and Jo Ann Delhomme

Tonya Owen, Laurie Grayson and Susan Fontenot

Donna Miller