U.S. Chamber enrages right-wingers with Landrieu endorsement

by Patrick Flanagan

Here's how one nationally recognized conservative political pundit reacted upon hearing the news Monday that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was leaning toward an endorsement of Louisiana's lone Democrat senator.

Mark Levin

Upon hearing that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was leaning toward an endorsement of Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu in her upcoming bid for reelection, radio host/Fox News regular Mark Levin reacted with this on-air gem during his radio show Monday: "You see, you lie down with whores like this, and you become one."

And that's not all, according to this report from Salon, as Levin goes on to defend his statement, acknowledging he used "strong language ... but language that's accurate." Levin continues by calling the pro-business organization "a disgrace" that "does not believe in constitutionalism," "limited government" or "free-market capitalism."

This animosity toward the Chamber - a longtime ally of the GOP - is in fact a developing trend that has grown from the more extreme fringes of the right wing, according to Salon, and for the most part is a reaction to the organization's recent support of "establishment" Republican candidates against Tea Party challengers. That was most recently seen with the Chamber's backing of Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran in his slim defeat of the Tea Party-backed Chris McDaniel.

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