The bright life

by Amanda Bedgood

Style that shines

Shannon Endsley is not afraid. Bold colors, bright prints are par for the course in her closet. There's often a kind of whimsy to her look - think chunky necklaces and vivid hues for every occasion. We caught up with the LPSS speech pathologist to learn how this busy mother of two finds inspiration for a wardrobe full of life.

How would you describe your personal style?

I lived in North Dallas for 10 years before moving to Lafayette. Living in Texas for a decade had a significant impact on my personal style. I fell in love with their flare for big, bold colors and dressing with cowboy boots felt comfortable yet classy.

Favorite trend?

For this summer, a crisp white outfit with bold jewelry.

Do you have any personal style inspirations?

What inspires me to select certain outfits are items that are comfortable and fit my lifestyle. I have young children and I work with elementary children so I tend to buy outfits that are multifunctional - something I can wear to church, work and time spent with my family.

Any collections or colors you always wear?

Ivy Jane and Uncle Frank are my absolute favorite collections; they are not afraid of bright colors and bold patterns. They incorporate embroidery on some pieces and it adds details to an outfit that make it memorable. Also, I'm head over heels in love with Magaly Designs Jewelry. She adds small details to each piece to make it unique.