Party Girl

Party Girl 02.06.2008

Aimee Landry, Erin Kelley, Amy Chauvin and Nicole DesOrmeaux

Greg Daigle

Birthdays should be a national holiday in my book, and as for Amy Chauvin, Jan. 18 was her day. Party Girl was thrilled to get an invite, as I always jump at the chance to party like it’s my birthday. I braved the rain and cold weather that night and worked hard to keep warm but still look cool. Tampico’s Restaurant was the destination for Amy and 20 of her friends and family, and margaritas and karaoke were more than enough to get Party Girl in the mood. I belted out a few tunes but reigning karaoke champion Greg Daigle served up entertainment for the whole restaurant. I left before the cake came out — I hope Amy indulged in a big piece of birthday cake or jumped out of one! Down to real business: Mardi Gras. Party Girl made a rare daytime visit to my friends at Van Eaton & Romero, moments after they started work on Van Eaton & Romero’s triple-decker float for the Youngsville Mardi Gras parade. Krewe members Liz Maxwell, Pat Stoute and Lesley Maxwell specialize in residential real estate, and these ladies sold more real estate in Youngsville then anywhere else. I can imagine their huge fan base during the parade — hope they had plenty of beads on hand! Seeing Liz, Pat and Lesley decorate the float reminded me I needed to continue on my Mardi Gras rounds. Whew! If event-hopping were an Olympic sport, then I would surely win a gold medal. Krewe of Xanadu’s Martin and Lee Audiffred (President of the Krewe of Xanadu) hosted a royal brunch for the King and Queen XVIII of Xanadu, Debra Sonnier and John Bordelon. Mimosas were the toast of the day, along with an excellent brunch casserole prepared and served by the UL Catering Service. If you crave genuine service and first-rate food — give them a call. All of the Xanadu board of directors and their spouses were there. After I had a chance to catch my breath I caught up with The Krewe of Bonaparte. The cocktail party was at the Townhouse and hosting the event was the Royalty Court for their family and friends. Luckily Party Girl had drink connections because the bar had a constant waiting line. With the DJ rocking all night and the refreshments flowing, these guys knew how to party! Rounding out the evening, I hailed a taxi home to rest up for the rest of my Mardi Gras festivities. Party On! — PG

Mark Thompson, Patricia Parks, Katie Ferguson and Jay Pierret

Standing: Matt DesOrmeaux. Sitting: Anthony DesOrmeaux, Erin Kelley and Jonelle DesOrmeaux

Pat Stoute and Lesley Maxwell

Martin and Lee Audiffred, Queen Debra Sonnier and King John Bordelon

Debbie Guidry, Kay Laviolette, Debbie Mills, Kim Domingue, Lee Audiffred, Lisa Boudreaux, Denise Brignac and Brenda Dudley

Doing the train: David Thibeaux, Cindy Comeaux, Michelle Guidry and Darren Guidry

Darreen and Michelle Guidry, Randy and Celie Rivera, Junior Gonzalez, Heidi Paredes, Nanette and David Thibeaux

Don and Rebecca Landry, Julia and Gene Lognion