Letters to the Editor

Authement deserves better

Life is a matter of probabilities, so we consign our fate to probabilities. As a member of the UL Board of Trustees for about a quarter of a century, I’ve discovered a lot about the growth of this great university. I’ve enjoyed working with the outstanding leaders of the Acadiana area. I gained an enormous amount of information that I did not know, or perhaps I already knew but did not really comprehend, about the great accomplishments of Dr. Ray Authement. I have observed first-hand how Dr. Authement guided the university from S.L.I. to what it really represents currently.

Dr. Authement has dedicated his whole life toward the endeavors of the university. Contrary to The Independent’s negative attacks (“Leadoff: UL’s New Role Model,” Jan. 23), Dr. Authement is a totally dedicated living legend that has done something for everyone. Under his professional leadership, he inspired the joys of education. He’s an enthusiastic communicator — and yes, has focused goals. One of the greatest achievements of the human mind is calculus. In this respect, he deserves a place in the pantheon of these continuing accomplishments. Yet, the constant barrage of the university’s property developments have undeservingly undermined Dr. Authement’s tremendous accomplishments. He deserves better than what he has received from biased publications such as The Independent.