EatLafayette Dish of the Day: Twin's cheeseburger and cake balls

by Kari Walker

Grab a savory burger and a sweet treat to finish the meal

Twins Burgers & Sweets offers plenty of tasty options on their menu, but we recommend trying the Twins cheeseburger. This burger has two twin patties - to match the name of the restaurant - made with fresh ground beef and a special seasoning. These patties are dressed with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise all on buns made from scratch and baked in-house. You can add other toppings like bacon, grilled onions, jalapeƱos and different cheeses to make this burger even more delicious. Twins also offers turkey, crab or crawfish burgers.

Photo via Twin's

The cheeseburger at Twin's is handmade perfection

Don't forget to grab some sweets on your way out - the cupcakes surely won't disappoint, with icing on the bottom and the top as well as whipped cream to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some other desserts include Oreo balls and cake balls of all flavors.

Photo by Madeline Hurst

Assorted cake balls and cupcakes are the perfect companion to a burger

Twins Burgers & Sweets
2801 Johnston St.

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