Saints QBs strip down for Gleason, ALS research

by Walter Pierce

Yeah, it's the "ice bucket challenge," with throwing and running and hard nipples.

As part of the contest, Saints quarterbacks had to soak for 10 seconds in vats of ice water.

Inter-position competition among Saints quarterbacks at training camp is legend - and not just for pole position in the game-day lineup. (Drew Brees is the starter and no more than three of the four quarterbacks in camp - Luke McCown, Ryan Griffin and Logan Kilgore being the others - will make the final, regular-season roster.)

But the QBs find creative ways to push each other, and their latest tilt - a throwing competition centered around the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - not only pushes the competition envelope, it raises funds for former teammate Steve Gleason's mission: combatting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, AKA Lou Gehrig's disease - the crippling nervous disorder that has forced Gleason, a former defensive back with the team famous for his punt block in the 2006 home opener against the Atlanta Falcons, into a wheelchair and onto a respirator.

Spoiler alert: Brees does not win this contest.

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