Trending: Are we ready?

by Amanda Bedgood

Cutting edge if you dare

You know I love a good trend and this season is not short on them. We're rounding up a few that leave a question mark for this IND Styler.

Brother's has a few pairs of Free People cool thigh highs. While we don't disagree with them on principle, we''re still working on a way they can really work for the grownups. Or perhaps this full grown woman should accept not all trends work for us all. The jury is still out. Herringstone's carries a new leopard sneaker hybrid we're predicting to cross from hipster into straight up everyday territory. Definitely an accessories that makes the outfit. Shoe La La does the booty in a new way with these side cut-out heeled Jeffery Campbell creations. We're digging the new take on a forever-cool look in footwear.