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Brick & Spoon Lafayette becomes Dark Roux

by Leslie Turk

Co-founder Ryan Trahan goes solo to keep it local.

The original Brick & Spoon location at 3524 Kaliste Saloom Road will soon be Dark Roux.

The restaurant, which specializes in brunch and the yummy Bloody Marys that should always accompany it, opened a little more than a year ago and franchised at lightning speed, opening in Orange Beach, Houston, Destin and planning more locations (according to its website) in New Orleans, Pensacola and San Destin.

Dark Roux's Ryan Trahan

The original partners, Bryan Jewell and Ryan Trahan, said in promotional materials they founded Brick & Spoon because they wanted "to spread the southern mojo across the country." Jewell, however, left the business about four months ago to pursue an opportunity in Houston, Trahan tells ABiz. And now Trahan is parting ways with his investor, Blane Guillory, so that he can keep the original location true to its roots - literally. That means sourcing and preparing, along with chef Cory Bourgeois, foods from local purveyors - about 90 percent to be exact. Being part of a chain that buys in bulk is not his cup of tea, Trahan says, noting that the Orange Beach location does a good job of local sourcing as well.

The original concept for Brick & Spoon is no longer what Trahan envisioned. "It was supposed to be a southern experience," Trahan tells ABiz. "I want to do something I love to do. That's my passion."

In fact, the restaurateur has already struck agreements with local growers to increase their production to ensure Dark Roux has a steady supply of fresh ingredients; the name change takes effect in early October. The Brick & Spoon staff is staying on as well, Trahan says.

One local chef says he can attest to Trahan's passion for keeping it local. "They both create the food," Village Café and Pour Executive Chef Jeremy Conner says of the Trahan/Bourgeois team. "They are probably the most dedicated to local foods of any culinary team in the area."

Trahan also says to expect a new Brick & Spoon that he won't be associated with to open in Lafayette, though the details have not been finalized. Like the other locations, it too will be owned by a franchisee, he tells ABiz. That means Brick & Spoon will have no corporate-owned stores.

Here's what Trahan posted on the new Dark Roux FB page.

Hello everyone, due to corporate restructuring we (Brick & Spoon Lafayette) will be rebranding our location as Dark Roux. (A Story of Louisiana Foods)... We have made this decision to ensure that all of our products stay local and fresh... Our owner, our chef, and our beliefs will not change! Thanks so much for your support... Remember to support local, eat fresh, and most of all have fun! Be on the lookout for updates on our progress... Find more info at www.darkrouxla.com

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