A Stone of a Different Color

by Amanda Bedgood

Fresh jewelry store arrives

They do things a little differently at Dianna Rae. The just-opened jewelry spot in a new shopping center at 500 Settlers Trace Blvd. is impressive. Simply and completely impressive.

The pieces are nearly all designed by Dianna herself with a combination of earthy, glam and fairy tale pretty infused in varying degrees. They sit in cases atop hand-crafted tables that combine elegance with a natural kind of vibe - tables created by a craftsman in Crowley. A hefty dose of bridal choices lines one wall. And just above that are a few of Dianna's sketches that show her vision for work she says begins with the basics of God's beautiful creation - gem stones.

On one side of the store sits a massive screen where customers can consult and create their own pieces. Engagement rings of every variety can be altered by a different cut of stone or size. It's all rendered in 3D for a quick vision of the final product. A product that is created at the store.

Ryan Koning, a Chicago transplant Dianna imported as the director of customer engagement and experience, gave this IND Styler a thorough tour of the biz starting with those computers and ending in the workshop in back where they marry new methods - 3D printing - with Old World craftsmanship.

Sometimes they use one and sometimes both to pull off the ring, necklace, jewelry piece. And then there's the jewelry lovers version of the 360-cam we all love from awards season red carpets. Jewelry can be placed in a small box-like structure that then shows it magnified in high resolution on screen for a good look at every last detail.

The beauty - they seem to get at Dianna Rae - is often in the details.