A season of style

by Amanda Bedgood

September arrives with panache

September is the month of style. Fabulous style, darling. (At least if you're heading out to Tinsel & Treasures' Breakfast at Tiffany's-themed events in a few weeks.) Style that's as diverse as it comes - do it The IND way with The IND Style Awards Sept. 18. However you do it, do it big.

That's the thing about style come September - go big or go home. The temps are still scorching by most standards in Lafayette, yet the rest of the world is welcoming fall and the beautiful new. We just have to do the new our own way. (Like we always do around here. Acadiana is like a whole other country.) Think fall's must-have funky bells in lightweight suede or killer lace paired with a slouchy thin little top now or a tank and uber long kimono. We'll get to the sweaters later.

The heat certainly didn't deter The IND's bunch of fresh dressers as we gathered to celebrate their inclusion into a growing posse of fearlessly styled mavens. Leave the "best dressed" for someone else. These cats were full of the funky, unafraid of the quirky and proved that suave and corporate don't have to be boring.

We whipped out a quick shoot in the midst of clinking glasses of wine and nibbles at Moss BMW. So stylish were some of our newest awardees they were pushing for another shoot. Not naming any names ... Tori Toups. She may have mentioned the perfect, perfect dress for another pic.

"You need two outfits for the show. Just wear it then," I explained.

"But, I already have those two," she deadpanned.

It's like that. It's style that abounds and comes naturally. Like Lainey Tuten whose husband and fellow awardee Rye insists he has to force her to spend money on herself. (Men, we do not know where they manufacture the Lainey model. She's a limited edition.) Or Mary Ann Mirian who really bums it up in a pair of jeans and a "starched shirt" on her most casual days.

If we learned one thing at Moss that night - it's that style never sleeps. It's a part of who you are. Not something that's put on or contrived. True style comes from within and has as much to do with what's underneath it all as it does that new custom suit.