Party Girl

Party Girl 02.27.2008

Angie Simon and Julie Greco at the Rio Ball

Anthony Gene Lognion as Shrek the Captain and his donkey

Wrapping up the Mardi Gras season, Party Girl got her final fill of the last of the king cake. I also took time out of my busy schedule — you know, gobs of parties and my many brunches — to neatly pack away all of my beads and treasures. We can count upon Mardi Gras 2009 to be here before we know it, and Party Girl must always be prepared! With each bundle of beads I packed away, I reminisced about all of the Mardi Gras balls, elaborate costumes, parties and parades. Tragically, I can’t forget about my coat that didn’t survive a drink spill — who knew Crown Royal could wreak such havoc? Luckily a furrier I know in town came to my rescue. Lesson learned. Ladies, take advice from Party Girl: Always check your coat! No way could Party Girl choose which ball was the best, but I will share some of my favorite photos. Thanks to all of the krewes who generously extended special privileges and backstage passes to all events — what fun it was, and what fun to have the real inside scoop! Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me! Party On! — PG

Blane Comeaux and Dean Simon whoop it up Brazilian-style at the Rio Ball

Brigands emcee Ernie Alexander holds the secret name of Brigands’ queen of the Rio Ball

Elise Preis Colomb, Neetzie David, Gretchen Davis, Merilyn Crain and Dottie Hardy

Krewe of Carnivale en Rio parade riders King Larry Comeaux, Parade Marshall Ali Landry and Queen Gayle Milam

Missy Ross, Susan Strait, Ann Laurent and Kathy Edmiston

Royal Maid Cheryl Ottinger and Royal Duke Darren Guidry

Royal Duke Junior Gonzalez and Royal Maid Diane Stelly