So fancy

by Amanda Bedgood

The romper gets all dressed up

There is perhaps no piece that's truly made a breakthrough in recent years like the romper. It arrived subtly worn on casual days. Now the romper is finding new life in shapes that are figuring flattering for more ages (try one that's a sister to the wrap dress) and sizes and getting a major facelift with a new glam approach. We found three such rompers perfect for a night out (like the INDstyle Awards on Thursday, for example).

At Vertage a v-neck romper is perfect with a little sparkle on the accessories and a red shoe. Super glam comes to Herringstone's with this fur romper for the gal that's not afraid to make a bold statement. At Hemline the shimmering sequin-decked rompers are perfect styled with little top knots and red lips for a effortless chic take on cocktail.