Jeremy Alford

Jindal: Hook, line and sinker

by Jeremy Alford

Gov. Bobby Jindal is expected to release portions of his outdoors and conservation platforms tomorrow in Lafayette at the annual convention of the Coastal Conservation Association , the state’s most influential marine resources lobby. Jindal, a gun-owning Republican and duck hunter, is no stranger to the recreational sector — plus he was the first candidate for governor last year to sport camouflage bumper stickers. He’s also well-versed on fisheries management matters, which is a welcome surprise for the organization.

“Gov. Jindal has a strong record of supporting issues important to our organization and we are very pleased that he will be outlining his administration’s plans directly to our membership,” said CCA development director Rad Trascher in a prepared statement.

The governor already has a jumpstart in catering to anglers and hunters, having promised $2 million last week to combat aquatic weeds , which are choking many of Louisiana’s waterways. The issue, above all other concerns, is a top priority for Secretary of Wildlife and Fisheries Robert Barham.

Jindal is scheduled to speak at 11:30 a.m. at the Hilton Towers tomorrow. The conference kicks off today and registration is $85 per person, including meals and access to the chapter cook-off, skeet shoot, boat rides and live entertainment from the “The Longneck Society” following Saturday night’s banquet.