Everyday trending

by Amanda Bedgood

Style spotting

There are trends so long lasting they start to look more like a classic. We've rounded up three elements that keep you on trend in a way that's subtle but clear, sexy but never over the top. Incorporate these basic statements for a look that will carry you year after year.

Demure cut outs - While major cut outs are fast becoming a standard, just a slice of skin like this little peek-a-boo spot on a black and white dress is the way to do style that's sexy but subtle.

Leopard - I can't remember a time leopard wasn't a go-to in many style maven closets. And yet, it stays fresh year after year with new fabrications and additions like the sleek belt Ruthie Marquet was rocking at INDStyle with her leopard topped dress.

Leather - All leather all the time could be one of fall's trends. But, very few of us pull off the leather look head to toe. Try a classic but edgy pair of leathery pants like Nicole David wore to INDStyle. We love her sweet little pale top but these pants are the sort that can be worn with everything from a blazer to a cool worn t-shirt.