Letters to the Editor

Musical trees

Last year an all-volunteer group of people from the United States and Canada came to Louisiana to help Bob’s Tree Service plant new trees along the coastal parishes for Acorns of Hope (“A Modern Day Johnny Appleseed,” Nov. 7, 2007). Bonne Chance was invited to play music for one of the suppers for the riders, with food prepared by Marcus Bordelon. The trip was documented and the video, which has the potential to be shown on national TV, was posted online at http://current.com/items/88836501_acorns_of_hope .

We want to also recognize D.L. Menard for writing such a great song, “The Back Door,” which you can hear us playing. You can also hear us on the video playing “Mulberry Waltz” as done by Iry LeJeune. Hope y’all check it out. For more information on Acorns of Hope, visit www.bobstree.com.