Knezek scores Empower PAC endorsement

by Patrick Flanagan

The chamber's Empower PAC has weighed in on the District 8 LPSB race, throwing its support behind challenger Erick Knezek.

The chamber's Empower PAC has weighed in on the Lafayette Parish School Board's District 8 race, throwing its support behind challenger Erick Knezek.

Knezek is a graduate of Lafayette High and the U.S. Navel Academy; he's also the co-founder of Truston Technologies.

Knezek marks the fifth school board candidate to be endorsed by the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce's political action committee.

"We can't help getting excited about Erick," says Empower PAC Chairman Frank Neuner in a prepared statement included with Thursday's announcement. "He is a proven leader and a passionate champion for Lafayette. Through his outstanding service to our country and consistent community involvement, Erick has demonstrated a commitment to putting others first. His experience is surpassed only by the energy he brings to putting the focus back on students and teachers. He is a leader that will not fail to deliver what he promises, making him an exceptional school board candidate."

For Knezek, this election is about changing the status quo of the school board.

"As a proud member of this business community, I am humbled and honored to have the support of my colleagues," says Knezek. "We, collectively, are doing everything we can to help Lafayette grow and thrive, and at the heart of this effort is turning our public education system from an embarrassment into an example of excellence that parishes throughout Louisiana will want to emulate. As the next school board representative for District 8, I will stop the waste of tax payer dollars on anything other than bettering schools for students and teachers and building or repairing facilities needed to maximize the educational opportunities for our children."