R. Reese Fuller

Sen. Landrieu gets YouTube account

by R. Reese Fuller

Maybe there's something to this Internet thing. If Sen. Barrack Obama can raise record-breaking contributions month after month, maybe it's worth looking into.

On Thursday, Sen. Mary Landrieu's campaign set up a YouTube account for her re-election bid. In her two-minute "first campaign diary" the senator says the video's "the first of a weekly web update on my re-election campaign and our fight for Louisiana's future." With an innocuous and upbeat soundtrack, Landrieu touts her accomplishments and talks about FEMA and red tape, adding that "reforming and changing Louisiana has been a life's work for me" and that she looks forward to working with the state's new administration.

See also Landrieu's website, her Facebook page, and her MySpace page.

There's no word yet on whether on whether state treasurer and Republican challenger John Kennedy will launch an opposing YouTube account.