Petition calls for changes to Victor White III’s cause of death

A recently posted petition is calling for the Iberia Parish Coroner to change Victor White III’s cause of death from suicide to homicide; we won’t hold our breath.

Here’s the petition:

Victor White III was a  22-year-old man who authorities claim shot and killed himself while locked in a patrol car with his hands cuffed behind him.

Victor White’s family did not know anything about their son’s death until after their visit to the morgue, when a family friend in New Iberia called to tell them the State Police had issued a press release on Facebook.

According to the Louisiana State Police, deputies with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office were investigating a fight on the night of March 2, when they stopped White as he was walking down the street. After being frisked twice, deputies discovered he was in possession of illegal narcotics.

The report states, “White was taken into custody, handcuffed behind his back, and transported to the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office for processing. On March 3rd, in the early morning hours, White allegedly became uncooperative. The police press release continues, “As the deputy requested assistance from other deputies, White produced a handgun and fired one round, striking himself in the back.”

The following investigation revealed that Victor White III was shot in the chest - not in the back - in the area of his right nipple. The bullet exited out his left side, according to the report.

Victor White III was handcuffed, frisked twice, left-handed, and not Houdini.

**While the investigation directly contradicts the initial police report, the manner of death remains unchanged: Iberia Parish Coroner Carl M. Ditch records it as a suicide.

Please join us in calling on the Iberia Parish Coroner, to change Victor White III’s manner and cause of death to homicide instead of suicide.

Let’s bring closure to the family of Victor White III.**

The petition was posted Tuesday, and so far it‘s attracted 50 supporters. Add to their numbers here.

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