LaPolitics: Kennedy leaning toward AG?

Treasurer may run for top attorney, not governor.

State Treasurer John Kennedy
Photo by Robin May

Widely viewed as having done a solid job as state treasurer and long thought to have his eye on next year’s governor’s race, John Kennedy seems to be leaning toward replacing Attorney General Buddy Caldwell.

LaPolitics, which noted as far back as February that Kennedy may be interested in the AG post (he's run before), reported the latest speculation Wednesday:

As speculation about a possible campaign for governor grew over the past few months, Treasurer John Kennedy was actually, very quietly, paving a path to run for attorney general, sources tell LaPolitics. One donor said the treasurer “sounded serious from the first phone call” and throughout their recent meeting, adding that Kennedy has polled the developing race for attorney general. Another source, a regular influencer around the Capitol, said Kennedy has not only been seeking advice, but also interpretations on the vulnerability of Attorney General Buddy Caldwell.

LaPolitics says Kennedy responded through his political consultant, Jason Redmond, who confirmed there’s some movement on the AG front. “The treasurer has been approached by members of the business community about possibly running for attorney general, and he has listened,” said Redmond. “He’s made no decisions about next year’s elections, but expects that he will make an announcement soon after the first of the year.”

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