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ABiz Scene 705 mentor program

Another great year of the705 mentor program was celebrated in late November at Village Café in River Ranch with a special guest, U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany Jr., who briefly shared his experience as a 705 mentor. The end-of-year social was an opportunity for mentors and participants to interact in an informal setting and for other 705 members to meet some of the group’s distinguished mentors. Members considering participating in the program in 2015 learned more about why this program has been so successful and is vital to the membership and Lafayette’s future.

Photos by Megan B Photography

  1. Jerry Greig, Nathan Norris, Dee Stanley, Flo Meadows, U.S. Rep. Charles Boustanny Jr., Joel Robideaux, Andre Comeaux and Joseph Zanco
  2. William Hardee and Beau Bourque
  3. Erick Knezek, Bridget Boustany and Ashley Dugal
  4. Don Briggs and Joel Robideaux
  5. John Tauriac, Adam Chapman and Missy Andrade
  6. Katie Falgout and Billy Hobbs
  7. Nathan Norris, Gretchen Vanicor and Tony Depa
  8. Ahmed Siddiqui
  9. Jan Swift and Adam Chapman
  10. Jeremy Hidalgo and Brian Bille
  11. Ashley Knezek, Liz Hebert and Tony Depa
  12. Dee Stanley, Paul Ayo and Brian West
  13. Andre Comeaux, Ashley Knezek, Zachary Barker and Derrick Hines
  14. Zachary Barker, U.S. Rep. Charles Boustanny Jr., Liz Hebert and Erick Knezek
  15. Jaclyn Bacon, William Hardee and Abigail Payne
  16. Ria Laseter and Andy Dye
  17. Skyra Rideaux, Anne Falgout, Al Whitaker, Adam Chapman and Billy Hobbs