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Damn, that's fast!

Open Technology Institute says LUS Fiber’s home Internet is the Speedy Gonzales of the world.

LUS Fiber’s home Internet is the fastest in the world, according to Open Technology Institute’s report, “2014 Speed Leaders for Home Broadband,” which ties Lafayette’s speed with six other cities across the globe.

The municipally owned fiber network’s Gig connection, with equal upload and download speeds, puts the Hub City on par with world cities like Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong and only three cities in North America — Chattanooga, Tenn., Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Mo.

LUS Fiber Director Terry Huval
Photo by Robin May

“This is another feather in Lafayette’s cap brought about because the citizens of our city voted to create this system,” Terry Huval, director of LUS Fiber, said in a news release.

While many communities nationwide are left to purchase Internet service from telephone or cable providers that rely heavily on existing copper infrastructure, LUS Fiber uses fiber-to-the-premise technology that transmits data using light pulses through glass tubing or optical fiber. Fiber runs from the equipment all the way to a customer’s home or premise, allowing symmetrical speeds of 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps), making it far superior and faster.

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