Whitney leads the liars

State Rep. Lenar Whitney, R-Houma

State Rep. Lenar Whitney's unintentionally funny campaign video, “Global Warming is a Hoax,” is the top vote-getter in’s 2014 reader poll for top lie of the year.

Whitney edged out some tough competition, including House Speaker John Boehner’s claim that the United States has seen “a net loss of people with health insurance” because of Obamacare and a claim by Russ Girling that the Keystone XL pipeline will create 42,000 permanent jobs.

In the video, Whitney ticks off a series of widely discredited claims about global climate change with smug certainty. It was a shameless play for votes in a district saturated in oil and gas. And it didn’t work. Whitney came in fifth in a crowded field in the Nov. 4 primary for the 6th Congressional District and failed to make the runoff.

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