by Amanda Bedgood

Get fit in your space

Fitness now doesn’t have to mean a full gym experience. Home fitness is doable thanks to an ever-growing list of options from equipment to gadgets.

Wearable fitness

Perhaps the biggest revolution in fitness has been products like Fitbit — fitness wristbands that can track everything from heart rate to steps per day. Tri-Running in Lafayette carries the Garmin version, and for good reason, says manager and runner Kevin Miller.

Garmin is the most accurate in the GPS department because it accesses satellites that are five times better than the average. While runners once spent time driving a course and then using a stopwatch and calculations to determine their pace and distance, a simple watch or armband does it all now.

“I want it because I only have this much time, and I want high intensity. I want to get the most out of my time, and I want information of how far I went and how many calories I burned,” Miller says.

The Garmin Vivofit syncs via Bluetooth and transmits information about activity and can endure the water. Other watches work for everything from basic running to swimming, and some offer the option to track revolutions for spinners.

“At first I thought maybe it’s a fad,” Miller says. “But, people are getting in better shape. People want more information. In fitness information is everything. You may make gains without information, but it will be by accident.”