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Cindy, we hardly knew ya!

After only 15 months on the job, Advertiser Executive Editor Cindy McCurry-Ross accepts job offer to return to her hometown.

Cindy McCurry-Ross
Photo by Leslie Westbrook

Daily Advertiser/Daily World President and Publisher Judi Terzotis confirmed in an email Monday that the paper’s executive editor, Cindy McCurry-Ross, was named executive editor and vice president of content for one of the local paper’s sister media organizations, The News-Press in Ft. Myers, Fla.

“This announcement is bittersweet,” Terzotis says. “Returning to her hometown in Fort Myers as VP of news is Cindy’s dream job. But our family at The Daily Advertiser and Gannett Louisiana will miss her greatly.”

McCurry-Ross served as the Advertiser’s executive editor and regional editor for Gannett Louisiana for the past 15 months. “In this short time, she has led the team through a reinvention of our content plan, redesign of our print edition and relaunched our digital platform,” Terzotis says. “She’s also launched a series of reader outreach programs including forums, reporter events and community engagement projects.”

Terzotis says she is in the process of recruiting a replacement.