Jeremy Alford

Board of Contractors drama

by Jeremy Alford

According to a recent Inspector General report, there has been a flagrant abuse of power taking place on the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. “After reviewing available documentation and conducting interviews” state investigators concluded that board member Donald G. Lambert, Sr., a Kenner contractor, delayed the group’s handling of an examination waiver because the applicant owed his son money. The report states that Lambert “personally requested that a staff member remove [Bruce Dalrymple’s] application” and later left a voicemail for Executive Director Charles Marceaux that the debt had been paid and he “would not object to the board granting Mr. Dalrymple’s request.” Since Lambert’s actions “may have circumvented state law and circumvented board procedure,” the Inspector General’s Office recommended that the case be forwarded to the state Board of Ethics for further investigation. In a lengthy written response, Lambert denies the allegations and says “at no time did I ever take any action which could be deemed unethical and/or improper.”