There are 122 in Lafayette Parish — a fact that is utterly trivial, and if this story gets more clicks than our hard news, our managing editor will shave his head with a cheese grater.

It is perhaps a sign of the de-evolution of news media that the august Washington Post would pour so many resources into producing a map of the U.S. goat population. But they did. And we dig it.

As you can see from the map below, Texas is the Goat Capital of America. Alaska, not so much. The read-more link below will bring you to an interactive, county-by-county goat census map. There is such a thing now. Because goats.

Lafayette Parish has, according to WaPo’s map, 122 goats. Vernon Parish, by contrast, is Goat Central in the Bayou State with 1,332, which pales in comparison to Sutton County, Texas’ more than 15,000 goats. The cloven-hoofed beasts outnumber people 14-1 there.

Click here for the whole Washington Post goat experience. You’re welcome.