Letters to the Editor

Thanks from Blueprint

It’s time to create the state we deserve. You may recognize that phrase as Blueprint Louisiana’s slogan, and it’s encouraging to know that we have an administration and a Legislature willing to work toward making that slogan a reality.

Blueprint salutes the accomplishments of the recently-completed special legislation session on ethics reform. From our perspective, all four of our ethics recommendations were achieved — financial disclosure for legislators and statewide elected officials (House Bill 1); additional registration requirements for lobbyists (Senate Bill 11); transparency when allocating state funds to non-governmental entities in appropriations or capital outlay bills (House Resolution 2, House Concurrent Resolution 6, Senate Resolution 12); and strengthening the Louisiana Board of Ethics with additional funding for technology upgrades and additional staff (funding forthcoming in the 2008-09 state budget).

Additional bills passed that also advance ethics reform in the state. We thank the administration for its early and consistent emphasis on ethics and thank legislators for asking questions, working the issues and boldly casting the votes for reform. In the Lafayette region, these are the legislators that delivered on their campaign commitment to support the Blueprint Agenda: state Reps. Taylor Barras, Simone Champagne, Page Cortez, Elbert L. Guillory, Mickey Guillory, Rickey Hardy, Jack Montoucet, Jonathan Perry and Don Trahan, and state Sens. Donald Cravins Jr., Nick Gautreaux, Troy Hebert and Mike Michot.

Thanks to many dedicated lawmakers and interested citizens, we’re on our way to creating the state we deserve.