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ABiz inaugural Entrepreneur of the Year Symposium was a big success. Business leaders attending the mid-December event at the Picard Center were treated to terrific insight into the rise of Schumacher Group, The Lemoine Company and LHC Group from the trio behind these bellwether companies, Dr. Kip Schumacher, Lenny Lemoine and Keith Myers. Thanks to presenting sponsors Regions Bank and Regions Insurance and moderator Zach Barker of the Opportunity Machine, this was the beginning of what promises to be one of ABiz’s most popular annual events.

1. Richard MacMillan and Marcus Macip

2. Ed Hebert, Jady Regard and Chad Cole

3. Byron Reyes (right)

4. Regions’ sponsors: Andre Comeaux, Anita Coyle, Danny Montelaro, Brother Marine, Shawn Hubbard and Ryan Marine

5. Keith Myers

6. David Landry and Steve Landry

7. Lenny Lemoine, Keith Myers and Kip Schumacher

8. Lenny Lemoine, Keith Myers, Kip Schumacher and Zachary Barker

9. Christopher Choate, Ronnie Lashute and Mark Leblanc

10. Cherry Fisher May, Keith Myers, Lenny Lemoine, Kip Schumacher and Zachary Barker

11. Brother Marine and Keith Myers