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In early January, “Big Four” audit firm Ernst & Young celebrated the opening of its 202 Rue Iberville office with an open house. In operation for about a year, the office employs four full-time professionals but expects to eventually grow to 12-14. EY has served Louisiana businesses for more than 94 years since the firm’s New Orleans office launched in 1920 and now has almost 200 employees in the state.

1. Bob Kimbro, Harry Barton, Hab Barton and Tom Zehnder

2. Brittany Landry, Neil Harris and Lucy Wardlaw

3. Kevin Bourgeois and Jenny Korner

4. Jon Belteau, Janell Pulliano, Matt Manning, Krystal Calix and Lauren Menier

5. David Kelly, Kimberly Seymour, Richard Zuschlag and Dionne Viator

6. Mike Finch, Annette Finch, Ryan Moore and Lauren Menier

7. Grey Lewis, Eddy Dupuis, Lory Cenac and Steven Friedman