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Daily Report: Jeff Kleinpeter steps down temporarily at Kleinpeter Dairy

The president and CEO issued a statement to ABiz Thursday evening, saying he expects to return in 30 days.

Jeff Kleinpeter

_[UPDATE: Thursday evening ABiz received the following from Jeff Kleinpeter, president and CEO of Kleinpeter Farms Dairy, which has been battling quality issues over the past year:

“14 months of three hour nights is enough to wear anyone out. I hung in there with the team and we got the quality back to better than it’s been in 101 years. The complaints have gone from up to 70 a week last year to one about every two to three weeks. In each of those cases, we find it’s a refrigerator issue somewhere. We are SQF certified, which is a globally-recognized food certification. Things are back on track and I need to take a sabbatical. Thank goodness we have a great team in place that includes my brother, sister, and daughter, so they can keep the upward sales momentum going. I expect to come back within 30 days to help the team grow even further.”]
According to a news alert just out from Baton Rouge’s Daily Report, Jeff Kleinpeter has stepped down from his position as president of Kleinpeter Farms Dairy to take what family members describe as “temporary medical leave.”

Siblings Kenny Kleinpeter, who rejoined the Baton Rouge-based family business last fall after 14 years, and Sue Anne Kleinpeter Cox, the dairy’s longtime chief financial officer, will share duties running the company for the time being, Kenny Kleinpeter tells Daily Report.

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