Mardi Gras essentials

by Amanda Bedgood

Today we're gathering the three essentials of every Acadiana gal's closet to ensure you're party ready: the fab necklace, the classic formal, the clever clutch. Mardi Gras is more than a day around here. It's a season. Dozens of balls and events that mean dressing to the nines. Think you've got the carnival season all planned out? You never know when a last minute ticket could crop up.

Year after year you'll be looking for a statement necklace that works with every color and cut. We love this bold but timeless piece from Brother's on the Blvd. that twinkles like you wouldn't believe when the light hits it. The adjustable length makes it great with a multitude of necklines.

The sparkling black dress can transform year after year for different balls with new jewelry and a fresh updo. This one from Hemline has just the right cut and shape to wear season after season.

For the Mardi Gras statement clutch perfect for lip gloss, tickets and your cell, we love this little copper "bourbon" piece from kiki. It's made for a season of cocktails and done in that spot on hue it can work whether your jewelry is silver or gold.