Mary Tutwiler

Classical TKO

by Mary Tutwiler

Thought you didn’t know anything about classical music? Think again. The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra will present “Classical Knockouts,” a hit parade of tunes you probably whistle without knowing they come from the score of a opera. Saturday March 29, Guest conductor Nir Kabarette, Music Director of the Santa Barbara Symphony will conduct a program that includes Maurice Ravel’s Bolero --the record with the scratch on it Bo Derek attempts to seduce Dudley Moore with in the hit movie 10 , Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain, the scary Halloween vinginette from Disney’s Fantasia, Brahms’ Hungarian Dances , used by director Mel Brooks for background music in Young Frankenstein , as well as romantic themes from Swan Lake, Candide and Die Fledermaus. A limited number of discounted tickets will be available at the ASO office at 412 Travis in the Oil Center through March 27. Regular tickets are available at the Heymann Box Office, or online. A Sneak Preview of the concert is offered at the final rehearsal at the Heymann at noon, Saturday March 29.

The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra & Conservatory will also offer a seminar on March 27th before the “Classical Knockouts” concert to discuss composers Leonard Bernstein, Johannes Brahms, and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky as well as the pieces on the March 29th concert program. For more information of the seminar, contact Aaron Davis at 232-4277, or email him at [email protected]