Downtown’s Arcadian B&G loses license

Pimping its beer selection on social media as recently as Sunday, the bar's lights were off and it appeared to be closed around lunchtime Wednesday.

Arcadian Bar & Grill on Jefferson Street appeared to closed around lunchtime Wednesday.

A Jefferson Street watering hole known for its vintage arcade games — and willingness to sell alcohol to minors — has been forced by the state to surrender its liquor license. Arcadian Bar & Grill’s lights were off and it appeared to be closed around lunchtime Wednesday after Commissioner Troy Hebert of the state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control ordered Arcadian owner Robert Zorn to hand over the liquor license; last year the bar was nabbed for a fourth offense selling alcohol to minors infraction following a sting operation by Lafayette Metro Narcotics.

According to Hebert’s office, Zorn also agreed as part of the agreement with the state to refrain from owning or being employed at a business that holds a liquor license at Arcadian’s location. Arcadian was fined $2,500 by ATC.

The bar and grill opened at the end of October 2013. Although ATC's press release says the action against Arcadian was ordered last December, the bar's Facebook page was promoting its beer selection as recently as this past (Super Bowl) Sunday.

Hebert’s office also says in the press release that Nite Town, following a third offense of selling booze to minors, has been fined $5,000 and agreed to implementing several measures designed to eliminate future sales to minors. Among those new policies are the termination of any employee found to sell alcohol to minors, checking patrons at the front door with a verification ID scanner and holding weekly meetings with employees to review the policies.

Hebert says in the press release announcing the sanctions that “ATC appreciates the Lafayette Police Department for their efforts to prevent sales of alcohol to underage individuals. We will continue to work with the local authorities to make certain that these businesses abide by their agreements and that the public is protected.”