Mann: Where’s the supply-side salvation?

The blogger, columnist and LSU prof throws down the gauntlet: If slashing taxes is really the prescription for robust economic growth, as Bobby Jindal and his ilk insist, now is the time to do it.

“Come on, conservatives, I dare you.”

That’s Bob Mann’s opening salvo for Gov. Bobby Jindal, challenging the Reaga-holic to put our money where his mouth is and actually apply supply-side economic theory — it’s just a theory, you know, like gravity and evolution — to addressing the upcoming $1.6 billion budget gap:

Louisiana government badly needs more revenue, and anti-tax conservatives like Gov. Bobby Jindal have preached for years that the surest way to stimulate the economy (and produce more revenue) is to slash or eliminate taxes.

So, why is it that when Louisiana faces its most serious budget crisis in a generation Jindal and legislative Republicans chicken out? Why won’t they put their tax cuts where their mouths are?

If they really believed that slashing income and corporate taxes supercharged the economy, wouldn’t this be an auspicious time to enact their theories? If trickle-down economics worked like Jindal and so many Republicans insist, then why aren’t we doing it now?

Could it be they know what serious economists have understood for years -- supply-side economics is a fraud.

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