Leslie Turk

Authement heads system prez search advisory committee

by Leslie Turk

Retiring UL President Ray Authement has been appointed to chair a search advisory committee for the new president of the UL System. The current sytem head, Sally Clausen, is leaving the post to serve as commissioner of higher education. She replaces T-Joe Savoie, who is getting Authement's job.

The search committee meets for the first time at 2:30 p.m. today in Baton Rouge. It is headed by UL System Board Chairwoman Elsie Burkhalter and comprised of executive committee members Winfred Sibille, Wayne Parker, Victor Bussie, Andre Coudrain, Dr. Mildred Gallot and Jimmy Long Sr., along with student board member Olinda Ricard.

Burkhalter appointed Authement to head the advisory committee.

At today's meeting the committee will discuss the process and tentative timeline for what it claims will be a national search. Already, speculation is circulating that an insider will be named to the post, much as was the case in the "national search" that ultimately led to Savoie's hiring. No search was even conducted for his replacement to the top educational position in the state, as the Louisiana Board of Regents chose to forgo that process and unanimously chose Clausen for the job.