Meaux betta 2.0

by Walter Pierce

Acadiana filmmaker Stephen Meaux returns with a captivating new series on Cajun culture in South Louisiana.

A still from Stephen Meaux’s \"just Comme Ca\"

Lafayette-based filmmaker Stephen Meaux has produced another awesome series devoted to Cajun culture in South Louisiana — “just Comme Ca” — that dives into such things as crawfishing at Forked Island, cleaning ducks, canning figs, preparing a turtle sauce piqaunt and butchering a hog for a boucherie.

The six-part series’ title, which is a Cajun colloquialism meaning “just like that,” comes from the shooting of one of the videos: “When I was filming Jane, John and Jo Vidrine preserving figs, Jane said ‘just Comme Ça’ as she was serving a plate of figs on a biscuit. I liked the sound of that and decided to use that phrase as the title of the series,” says Meaux, a native of Kaplan and 2011 graduate of UL Lafayette’s Moving Image Arts film program.

You may recall Meaux’s first series, the culinary-themed “Dans Ma Cuisine,” which was featured last year here at theind.com. You can see that series and “just Comme Ca” at Meaux’s website. He’s currently in production on a series on local bands that will be released later this year.