Jindal proposes $141M cut to higher ed

It’s far less than anticipated, and while UL Lafayette will be forced to absorb some of the total, an economic development center at UL will actually get a funding boost.


[Correction: An earlier version of this story identified the cut to higher ed as $143 million. The story has been adjusted.]

Gov. Bobby Jindal released his executive budget proposal to state lawmakers Friday morning and higher education officials statewide might be exhaling a tempered sigh of relief: Anticipating upwards of $400 million in cuts to state colleges and universities, higher ed is facing a much less daunting proposed cut of $141.3 million. As reports, the governor says he will offer ways to further reduce the cuts.

Jindal’s budget recommendations also include a $185,000 dollar funding boost for the Louisiana Procurement Technical Assistance Center, PTAC, at UL Lafayette. According to a budget overview released by the administration, PTAC has, since its inception, “helped Louisiana small businesses obtain $4.5 billion in contracts, creating 19,000 new direct jobs and generating more than $100 million in tax revenue within the state.”

The TOPS scholarship program will also get a funding boost of $34 million. But the administration is proposing hikes in student fees, although Jindal says families could be offered a tax credit to offset the higher fees.

Overall the administration is proposing cutting the state budget by $1.2 billion. Among other recommendations: making a dozen refundable tax credits non-refundable for a savings of $526 million and saving $415 million by cuts to state departments’ operating budgets.

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