Radio ad links Angelle to Jindal

by Jeremy Alford, LaPolitics

State Rep. John Bel Edwards, D-Amite, has thrown the first media jab in the race for governor with a radio spot that started airing on black radio stations two weeks ago in the Acadiana region.

The buy, for which details were not disclosed, overlaps the area where TV commercials have been running for Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle.

The radio spot labels Angelle as “Bobby Jindal’s right-hand man” for supporting hospital privatizations and cuts at Southern University. The announcer adds, “Without Republican Scott Angelle, Jindal could have never done the damage he’s done to Louisiana.”

The spot ends with a brief introduction of Edwards, describing him as a Christian and West Point grad.

Contacted for comment, Edwards said, “The bottom-line is Scott Angelle is only telling half the story. He’s a workhorse, but the wagon he is pulling is being driven by Bobby Jindal.”

Angelle, who has been appointed to several positions by the governor, offered a comment through his campaign manager Ryan Cross.

“Scott Angelle has been fighting for the people of Louisiana since before Bobby Jindal had a driver’s license,” said Cross. “We appreciate Rep. Edwards’ acknowledging Scott’s workhorse mentality, but we are only beholden to the hard working people of Louisiana.”