Hawk's and a rooster, oh my!

by Van McNeil

Hawk’s famous mudbugs are going mobile; coming to Lafayette Saturday.


Hawk’s World Famous Crawfish will be boiling up crawfish at the Rusted Rooster this Saturday, March 14 starting at 7 p.m. Additional parking will be available across the street at City Hall. They’ll be serving three pounds with corn, potato and dip for $28.99. There will also be draft beer and live music starting around 8 p.m. with karaoke hosted by Holly Vaughan Trant to follow around 10:30 p.m., so try not to eat too much.

Their crawfish is hand-selected and purged for 48 hours by fresh underground water. The result of this process produces much cleaner and tastier crawfish, with none of the mud and debris that give it a funky flavor.

Hawk’s Restaurant is located in Roberts Cove just northwest of Rayne. Established in 1983 by L.H. “Hawk” Arceneuax, Hawk’s has since aimed to provide boiled crawfish as a delicacy. The process of select grading, purging and special seasonings is all designed to make these crawfish luxurious and mouth-watering. Hawk’s process brings out the natural flavor of the crawfish rather than covering it with spices and additives. Hawk’s Boil Up is a mobile crawfish boil business that caters to all occasions.

Check out their website here.