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Who are those caped crusaders and masked marvels? None other than the super heroes of the Acadiana chapter of The American Advertising Federation who joined together on a cold night in February in the fight against bad branding and celebrate creative excellence in local advertising. Congrats to Silver Medal honoree Cherie Hebert (aka “Super Ma’am” and co-founder of BBR), an honor given for lifetime achievement in the trade. IND Media was proud to be the top line sponsor for the event.

1. Bridget Beniest, Kathy Andersen, Bonnie and Raymond Credeur

2. Susan Allardyce, Renee Ory and Judy Briscoe

3. Lisa and Kevin Prejean

4. Jessica Mahoney and Greta Gerstner

5. Katie Falgout, Cheryl Taylor Bowie and Sarah Spell

6. Blake Lagneaux, Billy Hobbs and Amanda Poehler

7. Francis Pavy, Cherry Fisher May and Tom and Nancy Marcotte

8. Andre Dugal and Jeff and Christy Lush

9. Kellie Viola and Cherie Hebert

10. Rebecca and Jamie Orillion, Brent and Brandi Pelloquin

11. Jesse Guidry and Lance Leblanc

12. Jennifer Ritter Guidry and Jessica Allain

13. Bryce Mitchell, Cali Comeaux and Patrick Lavergne

14. Peter DeHart, Burt Durand, Tim Landry, Allison DeHart and Stephanie Friedman

15. Michelle O’Neal, Kellie Viola, Kelli Allard and Kori LeCompte