Oy vey, the lists, the maddening lists!

Yet we dutifully pass them along, with this latest proving that Louisiana absolutely owns self-destructive indulgence.

Louisiana’s four largest cities occupy the Top 10 of the most recent completely random and highly dubious list compiled by an obscure website for its click bait inventory: "America’s 20 Most Overindulgent Metropolitan Areas." That four Bayou State metros are in the Top 10 is a testament to our hard-working, hard-partying lifestyle or something, although the ordering is a little whack with Lafayette at No. 1 overall and New Orleans, the mecca of self-indulgence, slipping in at No. 10. Shreveport (No. 8) and Baton Rouge (6) are there, too.

The site,, used four criteria in determining overindulgence: percentage of obese residents, percentage considered heavy drinkers, percentage of daily smokers and average debt per consumer.

If the numbers are accurate — they are purportedly from the Centers for Disease Control (health) and credit-reporting bureau Experian — then we Lafayetteans are a corpulent, hard-drinking, heavy-smoking lot up to our eyeballs in debt.

See the full list here, suckers.